About TeaAroma

Founded in 2003, TeaAroma established exclusive distributorship with Dong Suh Foods Corporation to supply Maxim brand and 'Dong Suh Korean Teas' in North America.

Realizing the importance of providing the high quality Green Tea to the US customers, TeaAroma added April's Green Tea to the portfolio in 2009. Our products have received increased attention as a vital healthy green food, and are now distributed to the grocery stores in major cities of USA.

Our mission is dedicated to providing consumers with the finest premium green tea product in convenient eco-friendly packaging.

About Dong Suh

  • In 1968, Dong Suh Corporation was found.
  • In 1970, completed a joint venture with General Foods International (KRAFT).
    Key Product:
    • Maxwell House
    • Maxim Coffee Mix
    • Post Cereal
    • Philadelphia Cheese and Tea (Green Tea & Grain Tea)
  • In 1976, developed and launched the world's first coffee mix (3 in one coffee)
  • Licensing agreement with Starbucks in Korea in 2005